Sewing for Dollars

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You may have a love for sewing, and churn out new stuff for your family and friends almost every day. Every time any of them need repair work, they come to you. But, have you ever considered the amount of money you would be making if you were to charge for your services?

In our article, we will share some fantastic sewing for beginners’ tips on making or saving money with a sewing machine. Best of all, you can continue using the advice, even as you advance your skill levels.

Sewing for beginners – Tips on how to make and save money

Use the following tips to make some money with your sewing machine.

  • Repair and Alteration Services

Save yourself some money by repairing or altering clothes instead of replacing them. Offer the same services to other people and charge a fee for your services.

You may also have a knack for repairing broken down sewing machines. It may surprise you how many people have them lying around because they could not find a good technician.

  • Offer Tutoring Services

Offering sewing for beginner’s classes is an excellent way to show your skill and make some money. While some people can do quite well with online tutorials, others need a little one-on-one help. Offer to teach them at their convenience, so they do not have to worry about fixed timing. Take advantage of technology to offer online classes for the students you cannot meet face-to-face.

  • Make Clothes

Making clothes allows you to express your creativity. You can copy the latest fashion trends and sell them. Market yourself well so that your target customers get to know about your services.

  • Home Decor Items

Making throw pillows, seat covers, duvet covers, among others, are income generating ideas. Start by decking out your home with some of the best, take fantastic pictures and use them for marketing purposes.

Increase the probability of selling your decor items by offering to personalize them. Come up with packages for such items, which your customers can give out as gifts. Who would not love to get a quilt or duvet with some personalization as a present?

Sell your products

Sell your products in marketplaces such as Etsy. You can also book a booth at the farmers market or malls. Once you begin to build a clientele base, people will start coming to you for the items. Word of mouth endorsement is also a powerful marketing tool. Happy customers will gladly refer other people to you.


With more sewing for beginner’s tips, your sewing machine can make or save you some money.

Instead of buying a new outfit, you can easily repurpose what you already have. Sell what you create, whether clothing or home decor items to your family and friends. Share your skills by offering classes, whether online or offline.

Most importantly, do not forget to market yourself aggressively. Fortunately, the online platform has tons of marketing ideas and platforms, which you can use without paying a cent.