My Own Retirement Plan

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I help people retire by profession so they can live out their dreams with ease. You never want to run out of money and you pray for a long life. One of the dreams might be to own a house at the shore. No matter. It could be the mountains or a lake. It takes years of advanced planning to formulate objectives and fulfill them in your senior years. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing someone’s investment portfolio come to fruition. This is where clever allocation makes sense. Retirement accounts are for income. When you are young, your investments are for more aggressive growth. With the bouncing economy, this all may be a challenge; but it is a worthy task I undertake. You apply everything you know to beat the market and enjoy your profits. You must be devoted to clients’ need first and foremost.

I envision the coastal house scenario because my favorite activity is spending time at the beach. Do you blame me? What is more relaxing and fun. If you asked me about my own retirement plans, it no doubt would include some kind of property steps from the salty spray of the ocean. So I envision this for everyone. As for me, it is my unique dream of course. I will work hard toward accomplishing my goal, as hard as I labor to get it for others. But in the end, their success is my success, too. Maybe I am a bit young to ponder retirement, but as I tell my clients, it is never too soon. If you start early, the accumulation period will be that much greater and you will have saved a sufficient amount of cash.

So here I am mentally at the beach at every stage of my life—young or old. I see myself reclining in the best beach chair ever, one that I bought with care online a year ago. The sturdy canvas fabric supports me with ease and the wooden frame never bends or falters. I can adjust the back so I can lay back and bask in the rays of the sun or I can sit up and play cards or read. It is a reliable way to place yourself on the sand. Give me a sandwich, a thermos of lemonade, a couple of chips, and I am in heaven. The chair is the center of my beach universe. I sit quietly in deep concentration, mulling over all the ways I see this chair in different resorts around the world. It will go with me to the millions of beaches that I have yet to occupy. Travel is the great gift of retirement if you can’t do it young. Each week the list gets longer and more exotic. Only in retirement will I cease traveling and stay put in my own abode adjacent to the edge of the sand. For now, the chair is a symbol and reminder of my lifelong goals.