I Love My Clients!

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I met with a new client today. I always look forward to meeting new people, I think it is a huge perk of the job. It is fun and gratifying to talk to someone about their hopes and dreams for the future and then help them find the path to reach those goals. You can learn a lot about a person this way, and I always walk out of new client meetings feeling like I’ve made a new friend. I don’t know if they always feel the same about me because I’m the one telling them they can’t buy that frivolous—and ultimately regrettable—item next week if they want to retire and take that trip they always wanted, but… I never take that personally. It’s all part of the job!

So, back to the new client. She has a side job where she does custom paint designs on cars. She wants to invest all of the money she earns from her side job into her retirement fund, which I was a little hesitant to recommend. Until I saw just how much she’s making, depending on the design. She showed me a few of them on her phone and told me how much she charged—I couldn’t believe it. I’m in the wrong business, haha! Anyway, she wants to be fairly aggressive with it, too, which is fine with me since she has a decent 401K from her regular job as a manager at a decent sized company. Not that I think I’ll lose all her money, but with the risk strategy she has in mind, at least she has a cushion. Basically, she told me that the car airbrushing is something she’d do for free so she looks at the money as if it fell out of the sky. If it disappears, so what, but if it can make more money for her to expand her hobby (one thing she admitted that she wants is a better paint sprayer for car paint, the one she uses now is more multipurpose) and provide for a fabulous retirement, that would be wonderful. Again, this isn’t a strategy that I would recommend for most clients, but this woman was definitely NOT a typical client!

Then she asked me what kind of car I drive. I have a pretty nice car, I told her, but it’s black and it doesn’t look like anything special. So she offered to do some painting for me and we came up with a design (a very simple thin pink line along the driver and passenger sides that turns into a small flower at the bumper). She explained the whole process to me and it was incredibly cool—first the stenciling and then paint selection, and then she loads up her air sprayer and gets to it.

Now my car is a little bit more reflective of my personality and a lot easier to find out in the sea of black cars out in the company parking lot!