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Find the Everlasting Dollars

Taco Bell® has released eleven dollar bills across America in celebration of the new Dollar Cravings Menu. They may look like regular dollars, but find one of these eleven serial numbers and you could win a lifetime of food from Taco Bell®.*

*Prize awarded as $10,000 in Taco Bell® gift cards. Based on average consumption ($216 per year) for 46 years. Dollar Cravings Menu at¬†participating¬†locations. Prices and Items may vary. Prices exclude tax.

Everlasting Dollars Serial Numbers

These are their serial numbers and the cities where they were released.

Image of one dollar bill showing location of serial numbers.
  • B 88070217 I Los Angeles, CA
  • K 45754943 H Chicago, IL
  • F 31303867 L Nashville, TN
  • J 02576222 G Detroit, MI
  • B 62237851 K San Diego, CA
  • L 71388235 R Las Vegas, NV
  • B 95424338 B Seattle, WA
  • L 38459535 P Raleigh, NC
  • F 00783411 B Miami, FL
  • J 65369880 B New York, NY
  • B 84385860 I Richmond, VA

Found an Everlasting Dollar?

If you found one of the $1 bills listed above, read the Official Rules for instructions on how to claim your prize.